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Lisa Mee collects papers, fabrics and metals and integrates them into her paintings by careful cutting and assembling.Once mundane scraps are combined to create a mystique all their own which expand her palette beyond just paint to create richly textured surfaces. These artworks illustrate her commitment to express environmental concerns about the fragile state of our planet by demonstrating how to reuse and recycle in a creative way. At the same time she hopes to share a positive message about beauty that can simply be from the experience of appreciating art. Exhibitions include:Firehouse Cultural Center, Tampa FL (2014), Hudson Valley Finds Gallery, Rhinebeck NY(2013), Elisa Contemporary NY (2013),Quench Artspace - Vermont (2013),Kashan Gallery NY (2012), High Line Open Studios NYC, ArtAbound NYC (2011), Designlawn NYC (2011), Great Neck Arts Center NY (2010), Art Gotham NYC (2008)and her works are found in private collections in New York City, Miami, Spain and France.


Oskar Kokoschka, Wayne Ensrud, Joan Mitchell, Helen Frankenthaler, Paul Jenkins


Fordham University


Refinery Hotel
63 W 38th St
New York, NY 10018

Art by Lisa Mee

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