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I have termed the paintings in this series “Injection Paintings” because the process in which they are created involves injecting oil paints directly into canvas with hypodermic needles. The paint is thinned with a medium to allow gravity to pull it through the fibers of the canvas. Subsequent injections are applied at the same point allowing the colors to mix on the surface of the piece. The paintings in this series are on canvas, denim, and paper. The titles for example “254ccs” indicate the amount of paint injected into each painting.


Virginia Tech


215 Sullivan Street
215 Sullivan street
New York, NY 10012


Hotels Curated NYC
55 Gansevoort street
New York , NY 10014


Trump Soho New York - Duplex Penthouse
246 Spring St.
New York, NY 10013

Art by Lee Everett

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