Joseph Grazi was born in 1983 and graduated the School of Visual Arts in 2006. He has exhibited widely throughout New York art galleries including Melody Weir Gallery, Dash Gallery, and Lambert Fine Arts, as well as museums such as the Chelsea Art Museum and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. His most recent show was a solo show called "The Fountain of Youth" at (Art) Amalgamated in NYC in March 2012. Grazi currently lives and works in Brooklyn, NY. Allan Hasty - Allan D. Hasty is a New York City-based artist that caricatures life to create a hyper reality, where fact and fiction are made indistinguishable via documentation and stage. Through excessive manipulation Hasty captures and presents scenes that may entertain, shock or even seduce the viewer with visual ambiguity. His work creates a dialogue that may touch on violence, sexuality, identity, insecurity, fear and power.


Dream Downtown
355 West 16th Street
New York, NY 10011

Art by Allan Hasty & Joseph Grazi

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