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Frequently Asked Questions


Property Owners, Developers and Designers


Art Enthusiasts


  1. What is Indiewalls all about?

    Indiewalls is an online marketplace that brings together artists and commercial properties, becoming the source for those properties - from hotels to banks to hospitals - to purchase artwork. At Indiewalls our goal is to elevate the current model of art procurement for public spaces. We believe that art shouldn’t just be another item on the list of Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment but rather it should be integral to the design aesthetic of the property and the identity of the brand. There are hundreds of thousands of artists creating visually inspiring and innovative work everyday. To miss out on the opportunity to partner with that type of creativity is something we at Indiewalls will no longer accept.

  2. How can Indiewalls help me?

    A. Property Owners, Developers and Designers - Our goal is to make sure that you never think about “corporate art” the same way again. At Indiewalls, we work with independent emerging and midcareer artists to bring you high quality, unique and beautiful artwork. Whether you are looking for local, edgy, chic, classic or just something totally different we will help you find the artist and the work that fits your space. Indiewalls is a platform that can help you find anything from classically framed photography prints to large-scale paintings to installation and video art. No project is too big or too small. We have experience curating full-property hotel art collections, as well as sourcing one-off pieces for small property lobbies. We have helped brands put together live painting events to expose their new art collections, and have caught the attention of the New York Post, Huffington Post, Hotels Magazine, among others. Take a look at some of the projects we have worked on and then reach out; you’ll be blown away!

    B. Artists – Indiewalls is working to provide the artists who are a part of our community with the best opportunities out there… commercial art sales. While selling artwork to a homeowner or collector is important for an artist’s career, only focusing on these private sales means missing out on big opportunities. When we help artists sell their artwork to a commercial property or brand, we are not only supporting their careers financial, we are also putting their artwork in a place where thousands of people will see it. We work to promote the artist and his/her work both online and offline, so that as many people as possible know who the artist is and where their art is collected.

    C. Art Enthusiasts – Indiewalls is changing the face of commercial art industry. Go to our Venues page to find out more about art installations and collections near you. If you see artwork curated by Indiewalls you can always visit our Artists page to find out more about the artists, browse their other work, and read about what inspired them to create.

  3. As an art enthusiast can I buy the artwork that I see in property that I am in?

    While this is not always the case, in many instances you can actually buy the artwork you see in the properties we work with. Just go to the Venues page and find the property where you found the artwork. If the artwork has a buy button next to it, you can buy that piece of artwork! If it does not, you can look for other artworks by that artist that are for sale.

Property Owners, Developers and Designers

  1. How can I get a proposal put together for our project?

    Contact our sales team at sales [@] with the specifics of how many pieces you are looking for, a description of what the artwork should generally look like (if you have some inspirational images that is always very helpful), the budget you are working with and the timeline within which you need the artwork. We’ll take it from there. Or, give us a call and we’d be happy to discuss by phone.

  2. What services do you provide?

    Indiewalls provides curation, sourcing, printing, framing, shipping and installation. We can also assist in budgeting and overall project direction.

  3. Can Indiewalls help me find artwork other than artwork I can hang on the wall. Like video art, sculpture or installation art?

    Yes. We work with you to find the artwork you need whether it's a series of sculptures, a video installation or a volume purchase of prints.

  4. What are some other projects Indiewalls has done?

    You can see all the projects we have worked on here. We have completed or are completing projects for Marriott, Hilton, Starwood, Hyatt, and Thompson.

  5. What makes Indiewalls different?

    Please see “How Can Indiewalls help me?”

  6. We are on a tight budget; can we still work with you?

    We understand that FF&E budgets don’t always allow for an original Kandinsky in every room… we are here for you though. We have worked on the tightest and the most expansive of budgets. Try us.


  1. How does applying work?

    In short, click here.The first step is to submit 3 of your artworks and a bit of contact info. Artists who are selected by the Indiewalls curating team to become a part of the Indiewalls community will be viewable by properties and designers looking for artwork. As an artist you art will become public for the rest of the world to see once a property has purchased one of your pieces.

  2. I have been accepted and uploaded work, why can’t I see my art on the site?

    In order for your work to go live on the site for the public to see, at least one of your works must have been purchased by a property. But don’t worry, properties and designers (who have login access to the site) can still see your work and the Indiewalls team is recommending it on a regular basis.

  3. Can I apply if I am not from New York?

    Not only can you apply if you are not from New York but you can apply even if you are not from the United States. We are working on projects all over the United States and have even sold artwork to a high-end development in China. If you think your artwork would be a good fit for the projects we work on, send it our way!

  4. What is your commission structure?

    When Indiewalls is directly selling one of your original artworks, we take a 40% commission on the final sale price. However, in many instances we have properties asking us for series of prints to put in every room of a hotel or every office of a building. In this case we will tell you the budget the property has for licensing your art and you can tell us if that works for you.

  5. When do I receive payment for my art?

    We send out payment 30 days after the artwork has been installed.

Art Enthusiasts

  1. I am not a commercial property but I want to buy a collection of art for my home. Can you help me put it together?

    Absolutely! Give us a call (941-404-5678) or send us an email at sales [@] and our curator will be sure to help you find something perfect.