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Charlene Weisler's urban photography is inspired by the transience and impermanence of street art. Concentrating on the evolving nature of layered graffiti, Weisler’s art captures a timeline of competing efforts and messages eroded by weather and time. Notably, the photographs are “as-is” – as she finds them on the streets - and are not edited or changed in any way. The result is a rich compendium of texture, color and form that juxtaposes energy with urban decay. Her haunting photographs create a totally new and self-contained art image. Weisler is a New York City based photographer who has been chronicling street art since 2004. Her portfolio is located at


CCNY and University of Essex UK


Refinery Hotel
63 W 38th St
New York, NY 10018


The Grey Dog (University Place)
90 university place
New York, NY 10003

Art by Charlene Weisler

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